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ASD 535-1


One channel

Aspirating smoke detectors from Securiton are among the most reliable early warning systems for fi res. The SecuriRAS ASD (aspirating smoke detector) range impresses with its unrivalled performance level. Developed in Switzerland and manufactured in Germany, the detectors are particularly reliable and robust.

Basic design and function of an aspirating smoke detector

An ASD consists of one or two independent sampling tubes with sampling apertures, and with a highly sensitive smoke sensor in each case. Airfl ow monitoring ensures that the sampling tubes are constantly checked for pipe breakage and the sampling apertures monitored for soiling. A high-performance fan sucks in air from the room or facility being monitored through the sampling tube into the evaluation unit. There the air is continuously evaluated by the smoke sensors. The display and control panel of the evaluation unit indicates the smoke concentration of the sampled air, as well as other alarm, fault and status messages. Any increase in smoke concentration levels is detected very early on. Pre-signals and one or two main alarms can be programmed, and signalled via potential-free relay contacts or directly to the SecuriLine loop.

Highly sensitive smoke sensor
The SSD 53x smoke sensor was specially developed for the SecuriRAS ASD and is the result of comprehensive research. A high-power LED combined with an LVSC (large-volume smoke chamber) sampling chamber results in unparalleled adjustable sensitivity with low aerodynamic resistance and the utmost resistance to soiling. These features ensure long system service life and durability. The patented lint fi lter helps suppress one-off disturbances.

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